We buy homes for market value

Skip the listing process and let us buy direct. 

We’ll bypass the staging, photography, showings, and typically all the selling costs. 

We’re ready to be your highest offer and work under your terms + timeline.

Fill out our form below so we can see if your home fits what we’re looking for. Once we provide an offer on your home, you can decide if our approach is best for you.

Why we pay high prices for homes

Unfortunate for investors, most people aren’t interested in an immediate cash offer because they’re hoping to maximize the cash-out from their home… So, they go through the months-long listing process to get a higher price. Well, along that same path of logic, we are willing to pay you more for the home if we’re able to draw that cash payment out over a series of months that you’re most comfortable with.

There’s no marketing trick here: it’s just a personal calculus you make about the time-value of money.

The reason this is much more profitable for us–and why we’re willing to pay you more money–is because we’re circumventing six figures of selling costs, bank fees and interest by buying directly from you.

We agree on a price today, begin making payments and you get to avoid skip the listing process, realtor commissions, landscapers, photographers, property surveyors, avoid a month of private showings and another 2 months for negotiations, bank appraisals + closing contingencies.

Dollars and sense.
Let's break it down.

Yes, we (you and us) literally save over one-hundred thousand dollars by avoiding billion dollar banks and a trillion dollar realtor industry. Some folks act surprised when we explain this, but please feel free check our math.

1. Reduced Selling Costs

Selling Costs range between 10-12% (realtor commissions, staging, marketing, holding costs etc) before we even discussing the bank. Click here to ready through a full break down.

If we peg the Selling Costs at 11%, then selling costs on a $300k home are $33,000.

2. No Banks Fees

If we were to go the conventional route and have the home financed by a billion dollar bank, then we’re going to pay lots of FEES. 1% Mortgage Broker Fee, a Discount Point (1%) to get the great interest rate, 0.5-1% in Origination fees, and an application fee (it’s a 500 page document after all). 

If we toss all these these into a “Fee-salad” of 2.5%, then on a $300k mortgage, this is another $7,500.

3. No 15-30yr fixed interest

We’re not done yet. If you’re paying 3.5% interest on a 30yr fixed $300,000 mortgage, our math comes out to $184,966.80 in interest payments alone.


Perhaps our calculator is broken, but our calculator says we save $225,467 by not working with realtors or banks on a $300,000 mortgage.

Why wouldn't everyone do this?

Unfortunately, nothing we’re doing here is exciting or new.

Sellers and buyers have been using Terms to structure residential & commercial real estate transactions for as long as real estate has existed. This is how ALL real estate transaction used to be done before banks ruled the world.

What we do is called, “buying on Terms.” If you’re not fully acquainted with what Terms are or how they work, that’s primarily because Terms don’t benefit Realtors or Banks—the two industries that advertise heavily in real estate transactions.

To break this down:

  • Banks make their money by arbitraging money (borrowing money from Pete and then charging Paul interest from Pete’s money) and fees/services (origination/application/MLO fees etc).
  • Additionally, we LOVE realtors but if we’re not using them to assemble/facilitate a transaction then there isn’t much use paying out 6% in commissions.

So if Terms (a) take business away from banks and realtors and (b) they are the ones who do 99% of resource-sharing & advertising for real estate transactions, then (c) they’re not going to talk about how to sell your house this way in their commercials, pamphlets and marketing efforts.

We don’t blame them.

What to expect.

How selling on Terms works

If you’ve ever financed a car before, you already understand the simplicity here: we agree on a price, make equity payments each month, and then at the end of an 18-48month period, we make our final balloon payment and own the house free & clear.

Here’s the play-by-play:

1. We Buy Your Home

We've already covered why we're paying such a high price on your home: you're getting paid monthly for 1.5 - 4 years (you decide on the timeline) instead of all at once and we're not involving real estate agents. This isn't a hard concept.

2. We Make Monthly Payments for 18-48 months

Cool, so after we buy your property we start paying you (and your underlying mortgage if one exists) and keep paying you monthly until the end of the term.

3. Pay the remaining balloon payment at the end

Anytime before the final date of the timeframe you agree upon with us, we pay you out for the remaining value for the home that's still unpaid. This is the part you get that fat check and take your family out for a celebratory dinner since you just sold your home for a premium.

What we do with these homes.

After we buy your property, we typically instate one of our own vetted Tenant Buyers or rent it out. We rarely flip homes because our model is long term gains.

If it’s important or fascinating for you, then you can check out more of that here, but it has no relation to our agreement if you sell us your home. That’s because…. you’ve sold us your home. Any problems that arise are our problem to deal with, not yours. We just think it’s comforting for you to know that we make money by being landlords, not by charging anyone fees or trying to discount the price of their home.

Are we a good fit?

What properties we're looking for

We’ll buy any home in any situation, but we may not be able to offer Terms if your property is not in good condition.

It doesn’t matter if you’re underwater on the property, behind on payments or you own it free & clear. The only thing we really need here is a home that’s in good condition so that we can put in a place one of our Tenant Buyers immediately. 

If your property requires home improvements, we’re likely only able to give you one of those “discounted cash offers” so we can make repairs on the property, cover our holding costs and then bake-in our own profit— you can see how we calculate cash offers for ugly homes here

Short story, reach out to us either way. We can do terms with properties that need lots of work, but it needs to check a few boxes for us to cover our risk in taking on property title/responsibility.

Let's Break Down How Terms Work

If you care to know the in-and-out details, we're happy to walk you through it here.

If your home isn't in good condition, we'll buy it for cash

Honest, transparent and 100% fair. It's a discounted offer, but we'll show you our calculations. Read here to learn more.
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Are you the "traditional" type? Consider listing your home.

Explore your options

For some home owners, it’s better to list your house instead of working with us. We’re even happy to help you figure out if another solution is better for you.

If you find that we’re not the right option and you’d like to get your home listed instead, we’ll be happy to refer you to the best real estate agents in the area.

How long does it take to sell my home?

Not suprising but many homeowners are shocked at the statistics. Here, we'll walk you through the process, soup to nuts.

How much does it costs to sell my home?

We'll break down how to get the highest price for your Charlotte, NC house
We buy homes for top dollar fast in Charlotte, North Carolina and all surrounding areas. 

We’re not here to sell you on anything; if your home fits into what we’re looking for, then we simply present you with a few options and then you decide which one meets your needs. We’re straight-shooters and suck at sales.

We’re finance-buffs who straddle the gap between investor returns and your own cashflow. 

If you’re into it, we’ll skip the entire listing process & simply fast-forward to a closing date of your choice. 

We aren’t deterred by the condition or size of the home—we buy pretty homes on Terms and ugly homes for cash.

We also aren’t deterred by your situation: whether you live in the home, it’s already rented, vacant, uninhabitable or your existing tenant just dumped concrete down the toilet. We help owners who have inherited properties in Probate, have liens against the house, getting foreclosed on, fire damage, riddled with code violations or are just looking for the easiest/quickest way to sell their home.

No fees.
No commissions.
You choose the closing date.

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