is the writ of possession an eviction

What is a Writ of Possession?

What is a Writ of Posession? When the judge rules in favor of the property owner, they may be tempted to believe that this now gives them the right to evict the tenant. This is not so, the ruling is just another step in the eviction process and evicting the tenant, after the ruling in […]
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passive real estate investing

4 Ways to Passively Invest in Real Estate

4 ways to passively invest in real estate Companies like The Residential Buyer often utilize private money lenders and financial partners to buy up varying amounts of residential and commercial real estate. These lenders tend to be individuals that are either: IMPATIENT INVESTORS. Frustrated with how slowly their retirement and bank accounts are growing with […]
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how long does the closing process take

How Long Does A Closing Take?

How Long Does a Closing Take? The process never seems to end when it comes to buying or selling your home. From preparation, to listing, house showings and negotiations… But once you’ve agreed to sell your home and have a signed contract, how long does a closing take? Closing alone can take an average of […]
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does a finished basement add value

Does a Finished Basement Add Value?

Does a Finished Basement Add Value? For the short answer, yes, finishing your basement will add value to your home. Unfortunately, as per everything in life, the answer really isn’t that simple; because after this question comes a barrage of other questions: how much is my home worth after finishing the basement? Is it worth […]
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Heat Pump vs Air Conditioner Central Air

Heat Pump vs. Central Air

What’s the difference between a Heat Pump and a “Central” A/C? Heat Pumps and Central Air Conditioners are essentially identical as to how they cool a house, but entirely different as to how they heat a house. For cooling the home, they both pump heat outside of the home with compressed refrigerant. In fact, they […]
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Rent to Own - How it works

How our Rent to Own Program Works

How our Rent-to-Own program works Perhaps the most fulfilling part about what we do as a company is create homeowners. Individuals who might have thought home ownership wasn’t in their near horizon. You see, the VAST majority of the market cannot walk into a bank branch today and get a home loan. And there’s […]
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How the Foreclosure Process Works

How the Foreclosure Process Works in North Carolina. Foreclosure in North Carolina is a stressful process and can be very intimidating as you begin looking through the long term impacts of this legal process. Fear not though: there are an incredible amount of options at your disposal to get out the other end alive and […]
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