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Typically, we put our own Tenant Buyers in the homes, but if it's NOT in a neighborhood we're targeting, we may either have other plans for the property (flip, assign it, etc). If we've reached out to you about buying your home, then it's likely because it's a property we'd like to buy and then rent-to-own to one of our tenant buyers.
We don't charge any fees and we do not provide a service. We buy homes and then either put in place our own Tenant Buyers or we flip/assign distressed properties. If we were to list the primary ways we make money, it'd be (1) monthly rent from our Tenant Buyers, (2) renovating properties, (3) market appreciation, and (4) occasionally assigning contracts when we do not have interest in a property.
We buy nice homes (in neighborhoods we like) for market value and then typically pay discounted all-cash offers for distressed properties. Short answer: we buy homes in any condition. We really buy everything residential.
We specialize in helping folks with your exact issue. Although each situation can be different, we can help you get those payments current, sometimes paying out of our own funds. We have options to help prevent foreclosure or to purchase the property to help you get the taxes paid. However, if you allow the property to be foreclosed, that foreclosure can go onto the home owner’s credit history. At that point, we can help negotiate with the bank, but the earlier to get us involved, the better.
The process is incredibly simple:

1. We’ll hop on the phone to learn more about your situation. If Terms for your house makes sense, we’ll schedule an appointment to come look at the house.
2. Give you an offer for your home within 24hours of the appointment.
3. If you decide to take it, we’ll close on your timeline and call it a day.

We don’t just purchase “ugly” homes, we even buy new construction homes. Offers are made to sellers based on market value and upgrades needed for us to attain top dollar in your neighborhood.
Of course not. We're not realtors or brokers. We make money through being landlords and sometimes through flipping or assigning out distressed properties.
We calculate your ARV, Cost of Repairs, Selling Costs, bake in our own profit and send you the offer. Depending on whether you want all cash now or are open to taking Terms on the home will determine how high our offer can be.

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