How to sell an inherited property in probate.

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12 page guide to explain the probate process and how to sell your an inherited property before an estate is closed in probate.

You're smarter than probate.

Look, we know how intimidating probate can be in the beginning, but we’re here to get you through it. 

It’s important to understand the probate process and the legal way to sell an inherited property to avoid liability, avoid surprises during the closing process, and have clear expectations of what’s to come.

By now, you’ve probably already received 20 calls from other investors with cash offers that leave your stomach in Wonderland. The funny part is that they probably haven’t even seen the home. We don’t work like that. 

In fact, not only are we not here to “steal” the home, we’re confident that we will give you the highest offer for the property. 

Tax implications of selling an inherited home

Click here for a quick walkthrough on “stepped-up” basis, capital losses, and home sale tax exclusion.

How we can help with your probate property

Beyond just offering you more money for the home, we also truly want to help make the process easier during this hard time.

If you would rather not have to deal with your loved one’s belongings, then don’t.

Leave us a mess to clean up, leave us boxes of receipts, closets full of sweaters or keep doors closed you’d prefer not to reopen. Whatever we can do to make this process easier for you, we’re going to do it.

We can purchase a home with existing liens, a large mortgage, huge repairs and title issues. We can purchase a home that’s in GREAT condition and we can take on a home that is uninhabitable and wrought with an infestation.

We’re creative, and we’re committed to giving your an offer that puts the most amount of money in your pocket.

Shoot us a call at (704) 859-8675 or fill out the contact form and let us find out how we can work with you (and your co-heirs) to get the property taken care of.

Have 4-10 months? Consider listing your home.

Let’s talk about how to get the highest price for your North Carolina Home

While we’re confident that we will provide more money than other investors, the way to get the highest price for your home is typically to list it.

If it makes more sense for you to list your own property, then we’re going to be the first one’s to suggest it. In fact, we’re even happy to refer you to the best probate realtors in our area.

But before you get stuck in a listing agreement for 6 months,  have a read through the resources here. These pages will help you calculate the time and money investment required and show the great benefits you’ll get in return (primarily, maximized home value!).

How long does it take to sell my home?

Not suprising but many homeowners are shocked at the statistics. Here, we'll walk you through the process, soup to nuts.

How much does it costs to sell my home?

We'll break down how to get the highest price for your Charlotte, NC house

Guide to Probate and Selling Inherited Properties below

The best starting point is to be educated on the process so you can understand the timeline and checkpoints to selling an inherited home. This simple 12 page overview should enable you to get a grasp on the probate process, what needs to happen to sell your home and, finally, how we can help.

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