How to stop foreclosure and avoid a deficiency judgement

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Our FREE 11 page guide begins by explaining the process of how foreclosure works in North Carolina, including answers to the following questions:
  • What is he difference between judicial & non-judicial foreclosure?
  • What is a Notice of Default?
  • What is a Notice of Hearing?
  • What is a Servicing Company?
  • What is a Pre-Sale Hearing?
  • How long is the Redemption Period?
  • How can I avoid a Deficiency Judgement?
  • How can I apply for Loss Mitigation?
  • How does FHA Insurance help me during Foreclosure?
  • What is a Loan Modification Program?

Who are we?

More than just giving cash offers for homes, we’re here to help people—

Even if that means finding a solution that doesn’t involve us. If that sounds too altruistic, it’s really not. We’ve found that when we can aid people in finding the best solution for them, they’re likely to recommend us to others in their community.

How we calculate our cash offers

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If you aren’t comfortable with or able to take 4-10 months to list/sell your North Carolina home, shoot us a call at (704) 859-8675 or fill out the contact form so we can help you figure whether a cash offer makes most sense for you.

We’ll skip the entire listing process & simply fast-forward to a closing date of your choice.

If it makes more sense for you to list your own property, then we’re going to be the first one’s to suggest it, and refer you to the best real estate agents in our area. 

We don’t make offers based on how desperate you are or aren’t, we follow transparent calculations that we walk through here.

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We buy homes for cash fast in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Have 4-10 months? Consider listing your home.

Let’s talk about how to get the highest price for your North Carolina Home

To calculate how much you can pocket in the sale of your home, you’ll need to know the costs and time involved in listing AND maximizing the value of our home

How long does it take to sell my home?

Not suprising but many homeowners are shocked at the statistics. Here, we'll walk you through the process, soup to nuts.

How much does it costs to sell my home?

We'll break down how to get the highest price for your Charlotte, NC house
Listing with a real estate agent or FSBO (For Sale By Owner)

Next is to decide whether to list your home with or without a real estate agent. Check out these links to figure out which option is best for you.

How to sell my house WITHOUT a real estate agent

Not recommended, but entirely doable. We'll show you what to be prepared for

How to sell my house WITH a real estate agent

The absolute best way to sell your house for the highest price

Download our guide to foreclosure in North Carolina below

The best starting point is to be fully educated on all of your options. Many homeowners can simply sign up for a loan modification program. For others, selling their home is the best option (we’re able to help homeowners STOP FORECLOSURE completely). Read through this 11 page overview to figure out which option is best for you.

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