What does it mean to sell your
house on Terms?

This is how we make money, so OF COURSE we wrote out a free 10 page guide
explaining how to sell your house on Terms.

Should you sell on Terms?

We structure deals to meet your needs. That’s not just a cute statement either… To make our point: the most
common transaction is the Lease/Purchase, even though we profit far more on Owner Financing and
Subject-To deals. This is genuinely about creating a transaction that meets your priorities.

Do you want to be fully cashed out immediately, are you able to take payments for 18 months, or are you
willing to extend that out to 48 months payout to make a premium value on your home sale?

If you have a mortgage, do you want us to have it paid off with a balloon payment or is there a way for us to
take over payments for you for the duration of that loan?

If you could make even MORE money by kicking us out of the deal and being responsible for the Tenant Buyer
we put in place for you, would you prefer to do that?

Want a more brief depiction of how to sell on terms?
Click here for a quick walkthrough on the brief explanation for the 4
ways to structure a deal on terms.
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How we calculate the offers:

The price we offer for your home is going to be directly tied to:

The condition of the home (obviously);
Which method you allow us to finance it with;
The timeframe you allow us to finance it for.

For example, if you choose a longer term of financing and do it through “Owner Financing,” we’ll even pay you MORE than the home is worth (this is especially great for those who don’t have a rush for the full cash-out or who owe more than a home is worth).

Let us buy direct or connect
you with a buyer.

    Terms are NOT for you if....

    This probably isn’t a fit for anyone who has equity in the home that they need NOW to buy
    another home. It will still work but to get ALL the cash now, and still get top dollar, you would
    have to refinance the home, pull out cash needed and then secure a lease purchase with
    us. This way, you have the cash needed from that refinance to cover the new underlying

    Alternatively, if you really need a full cash out here and now, then we recommend getting a
    cash offer from us or just using one of the “We Buy Houses” companies. We’d offer you a
    very low price on your home, but you’ll cash out immediately instead of over 18 months.

    If you’re like most home-owners, you’re trying to get top dollar for your home, which is
    why you’re on this website.

    If you aren't interested in doing terms, here's how we do
    Cash Offers on homes.
    Honest, transparent and 100% fair. It's a discounted offer, but we'll show you our
    calculations. Read here to learn more.
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    Guide to
    Selling on

    Guide to selling your house on Terms

    Ignore the cash buyers, realtors and your Cousin George for just a moment: there isn’t a universal “best” way to sell everyone’s home, but there is the best move for you.

    The best starting point is to be educated on the process so you can understand the timeline to selling your home on terms. This simple 10 page overview should enable you to get a grasp on the closing process, what we’re looking for and, finally, why this is probably the most profitable decision you’ve ever made.

    Click here to download the "Guide to Selling on Terms"
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    Guide to
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