Passive + Active Real Estate Investing

Partnering on our deals.

We frequently work with investors and occasionally assign contracts after we get the first look at the deal.

If you’re looking to buy our overstock properties or partner with us on transactions, we’d love to know what you’re looking for. We work with
both passive and active real estate investors to exchange of debt, equity and/or obligations to generate attractive returns for ourselves
and our investing partners.

    Real Estate Investing - Partner Form

    You'll get an initial email to confirm your subscription. Thereafter, the
    only time you'll hear from us is when we have a transaction that meets your criteria.

    Passive Investing (if applicable)

    Interested in privately investing money on deals? If so, what kind of investor are you?

    Property Buying Criteria (if applicable)

    Passive Real Estate Investing

    Private money lenders bring speed and efficiency to our transactions, and our leverage is far greater when we purchase using private cash funds.

    As a private money lender, you can benefit from investing your capital. A promissory note secured with a mortgage or deed of trust provides you with security instruments not typically attainable with other investments. That security instrument provides the real estate as your collateral.

    How long does it take to list my home?

    Not suprising but many homeowners are shocked at the statistics. Here, we'll walk you through the process, soup to nuts.

    Active Real Estate Investing

    Active Real Estate Investing

    We come across deals all the time.. Anything we don’t keep for ourselves, we’ll pass onto other investors. Are you growing your rental portfolio this year or ever done any passive investing in real estate?

    Our inventory goes quickly, so we do not post our deals on this website. Instead we send them directly to investors via email (and sometimes through text). Because these deals go very quickly, we recommend setting an alert on your email for to ensure you can respond when a deal hits your inbox.

    How we calculate our cash offers

    Honest, transparent and 100% fair.

    Equity Partnering

    A hybrid between the Active and Passive Investor is the Equity Partner. Equity Partners do not hold a lien position on the property, but they share in ownership of it. That usually means there is less stability in the yield, but there are also more potential for diversity in investment benefits: Appreciation, Amortization and Depreciation.

    How we calculate our cash offers

    Honest, transparent and 100% fair.

    How It Work

    Check Email
    When we offer up a property that meets your criteria, we’ll email you details so you can decide if you'd like to come see the home.
    After we’ve accepted and countersigned the agreement, you will be required to send us a non-refundable EMD (earnest money deposit) of $2,500 along with within 24 hours. No further inspections at this point.
    If you’d like to purchase the house after viewing the home, fill out the simple contract and send it back to us with your offer.

    Getting Started

    We’re cashflow junkies that tend to prioritize creative transactions (buying on terms for top dollar), but we also have renovation
    opportunities for steep discounts.

    If we haven’t already, it’s important to sit down and discuss the details on a call or 1:1. We will need a clearly define your goals – long
    term or short term investment, and the amount you would like to invest. At that point, we will present you with current opportunities
    that fit that criteria or contact you as soon as we have one that fits.

    If you’d like your capital to start working for you, please send us an email: or call us (980) 236-1881