Sample Tenant Estoppel Certificate

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See our video below to first understand:
  • What is a Tenant’s Estoppel Certificate?
  • How it protects the Tenant and the Buyer/Lender.
  • Should I sign a Tenant Estoppel Certificate?
  • What happens if I refuse to sign?

What is a Tenant’s Estoppel Certificate?

An Estoppel in Real Estate is a letter to certify someone’s understanding of an underlying promise, contract or agreement. Typically it’s occurring at the time of a transaction and used to ensure that everyone agrees on the basics of what was previously agreed upon.

Should I sign a Tenant Estoppel Certificate?

When we buy homes with inherited tenants, we almost ALWAYS require Estoppels to be signed because of the protections that it provides to both ourselves AND to the tenant. You see, if the tenant has an option to purchase the property, then we need to see that document! If there was a lease modification at some point, we want to see proof of that as well.

If you’re the tenant or a buyer, it is BRUTALLY important for your own sake that an accurate Estoppel is drafted and signed to ensure that your interests are protected in the transaction.

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Checklist for getting your Estoppel Certificates signed.

Free Download: sample Tenant Estoppel Certificate

Here’s the free boilerplate Tenant Estoppel Certificate we use when we buy or finance someone’s home with an inherited tenant at the time of the transaction. Please work with your local real estate attorney before using.

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